The Margaret’s story

A tale of two Margaret’s

A tale of two Margarets: two different women; simple, kind and loving.

Two great connoisseurs of food and the culinary arts. They derived pleasure in seeing people enjoy a well-cooked meal.

Margaret my mother of blessed memory fiddled with a lot of things in the kitchen and carried me along in processes that resulted in masterpieces from her kitchen. She encouraged me always with my cooking. A woman whose recipes and kitchen traditions are still available for your satisfaction.

Margaret my closest friend, confidant and sister who never let me rest until plans for this restaurant were in place. She always reminded me of my gift from God combined with my love and passion for good food. She never failed to let her finesse and etiquette rub off on all my cooking. She always reminded me that no matter how tasty a meal was, a good presentation was the key to making it a success.

From the North, South, East and West of this country and also far away lands, a lot has been done to fuse with the Delta (my home), creating masterpieces to be enjoyed by all.

Welome to our world; Margaret’s, a fusion of two great women.

Bon Appetit

Christopher Onanoneme Okpoko